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Car hire Drivers/Chauffeurs – UK Prestige Vacancies

Many people are interested in becoming drivers/staff for UK Prestige. This is mainly due to reward recognition and lastly driving super luxurious cars. UK Prestige car drivers meet all types of people on many hires and enjoying driving exotic cars in style.

In order to become a hire car driver for UK Prestige, the driver must go through a few tests where s/he will obtain a passenger carrying vehicle licence.

Some standards required by car hire companies may be much stricter than other companies. Minimum standards are:

1. UK Prestige drivers/staff must undertake extensive training courses such as driving and customer service courses and pass a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) check. This is to maintain high customer expectations set by all companies and their customers across the country.

2. All UK Prestige Drivers/Staff must comply with all codes of conducts set by ourselves, local authorities and the government, and follow all road traffic act rules and regulations. Our hire drivers are required to undergo random alcohol and drugs testing to ensure they don't danger themselves and others whist on hire.

3. A clean Driving License must be held for at least 5 years vehicle and a clean driving licence record in obtaining a job as a UK Prestige hire driver is very useful and will give you a better chance with your competitors when applying, although it is not essential. Car hire Operators and agencies only employ drivers who take good care of their customers and their contractors vehicles and not to violate any traffic or speeding offences Ferrari Hire.

By keeping these items in mind when searching for a position as a driver / chauffeur, you will be sure to make a good impression on potential employers and maybe even get the job that you desire.


Quotes from our Staff


Simon Hinckley

“It’s brilliant. I love working here. The people here are lovely and the staff look after their employers. I can always rely on them and I could never think about going anywhere else”


“UK Prestige are my third car hire firm that I have worked for and by far the best. The owners work with their staff very closely. We feel like family here rather than workers. I’m happy here”

To apply, just E-mail you CV to . Thank you.


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